Coastal Bicycle is my attempt to put my hands to something that I can move towards. Having spent most of my career bringing people into cross-cultural experiences throughout the world, the idea of creating environments where people are changed is deeply rooted inside of me.  I live in a part of the world that is intrinsically tied to the sea. In front of my house, twice a day, the tide rises to its peak then recedes to its low point, usually around 24 feet. The Bay of Fundy boasts the largest tides in the world. 

My hope with Coastal Bicycle is to create experiences that combine bicycles and the sea. Creating experiences that provide the canvas for memories to be formed. 

Launching this year, I don’t intend to see the full extent of what Coastal Bicycle will become. My goals for this year are:

  1. Establish myself in the business community in Charlotte County (This is the geographic area around 30-40 minutes drive) as an accessible bicycle resource:

    1. Provide bicycle maintenance, repair and purchasing assistance services

    2. Advocate for continued growth of bicycle use within my community

  2. Explore, create and test Bicycle Experiences unique to our coastal environment

Some of the ideas I’d like to explore and test out are:

Bicycling on the Ocean floor - Obtain a small fleet of fat bikes and create experiences designed around bicycling on the ocean floor when the tide is out. Combine that with a portable lunch or lunch drop-off service, and you have a wonderful canvas to paint your memories on.

Bicycle Co-op - work with local volunteers in my community to establish and run a bicycle co-op where people can fix their own bicycles without having to pay high upfront tool costs or access more costly bicycle repair services. I know this initially seems counter intuitive for me to advocate for something that replaces the services I’m offering, but I see it as raising up a greater and more accessible bicycle culture within my community, which will in turn only help all things bicycle related thrive.

Bicycle Education - 

Bicycle safety courses for children

Community bicycle repair workshops

Beta Bicycle Experience Group - create a community where I can test the experiences I’m creating.

Those are some of the ideas I’d like to pursue. And I’m seeing that I’ll need some basic tools/ gear/ equipment to properly test them out and develop them. 

These are the kinds of things your generous gifts are going towards. 

Thanks for taking the time and for your generous support and investment!